How To Be HumanOrbital Resonance

Solo Exhibition: May 13-June 8, 2017
Reception: May 18, 6:00-7:30 PM

AIM Gallery
Art Institutes International Minnesota
15 S 9th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

The Art Institutes International Minnesota presents “Orbital Resonance”, a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Minneapolis-based artist Cathy Durso.

Cathy’s work focuses on the circle as a form and as a concept. The forms in her work are reminiscent of cells, rocks, planets, and moons, and she takes inspiration from concepts such as orbits, cycles, and rhythms. She is fascinated by the infinite variation that is possible within the constraints of the circle, and by the idea that a circle can be one individual object and a whole universe containing everything that exists, both at the same time.