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Gel pen drawings

Gel pen drawings by Cathy Durso

I was a little bit too excited recently when I received a set of 100(!) gel pens as a gift. These pens brought me right back to my childhood impulses of first: making a small mark with every single pen to see the colors, second: arranging the pens in their holder into rainbow color order, and third: making instinctual, scribbly drawings with them. I was thrilled when I realized that about 1/3 of them had shimmery ink and another 1/3 of them had sparkly ink! After a lot of playing around I made a series of drawings, with the goal of using as many different colors as possible while still making beautiful, cohesive drawings. These drawings are currently available in my shop.

Foreign Land 16

Foreign Land 10 (detail)

Foreign Land 3

Foreign Land 6

Foreign Land 4 (detail)

Click here to see all of the drawings!

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