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I Love Handmade Books

Over a year ago I was approached by writer Charlotte Rivers, who was gathering data for a book she was working on about handmade books. She wanted to feature my embroidered book covers and I gladly agreed. I sent her photos and information about myself and my business and kind of forgot about the book, though occasionally it would pop into my consciousness and I would think, “hmm, I wonder when that book is coming out…”

I Love Handmade Books

My wonderances came to an end when I received my copy of the book early in September! I was happy to see how nice the book was, the size, shape, design, and quality. Flipping through it, I saw bookmakers whose work was familiar to me, and also those whose work I didn’t know yet. It was exciting to see my work side by side with other binders whose work I have admired.

I Love Handmade Books

“I Love Handmade Books: Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Beautiful Handmade Books,” written by Charlotte Rivers and published by Jacqui Small LLP, is available to purchase on Amazon.

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