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Open Spaces

I’m thrilled to announce that my newest body of work is now available.

"Open Spaces", a collection of mixed media paintings by Cathy Durso

“Open Spaces” is a collection of mixed media paintings on paper inspired by time spent outdoors. I have always loved spending time outside. From a young age, I was camping and hiking through the mountains of New England and upstate New York. My love of being in the forest, surrounded by mountains, has carried through and intensified since then.

Moving Through Forest 2“Moving Through Forest 2”

There’s nothing like the feeling of reaching the top of a peak, knowing that my own two legs carried me there. But it’s not just about reaching the top. It’s being in the forest, on the mountain. Breathing in the scent of pine; trampling over roots and rocks and dead leaves that have been trampled by many before me and will be trampled by many after me. It’s the history of the trail. It’s the silence of the forest. The color of the light; how it shifts throughout the day. The feeling of being surrounded by the elements of nature. Moving through it, powered by nothing but my own body, being one with it. In the forest I feel pure happiness. I feel at peace. I can breathe deeply.

Sunburst (detail)“Sunburst” (detail)

Since moving from Boston to Minneapolis last year, my experience of the outdoors has changed. If the forests and mountains of New England gave me peace, the vast plains of grass and farmland in the Midwest give me a slight sense of unease. It’s a landscape that is so foreign to me. In a vast prairie, even a single tree will bring me comfort. The lakes, however, are my saviors. They give me peace and ease to counter the discomfort of the prairie. Aside from allowing me to experience a landscape that is completely new to me, time spent in the Midwest has also made me realize just how much the landscape of the Northeast is home for me, just how much I connect with it.

Lakeside 1“Lakeside 1”

“Open Spaces” is my exploration of landscape and the elements of nature. Using acrylic, gouache, soft pastel, graphite, and oil pastel, I create compositions on paper that range from very obvious landscapes to complete abstraction. In addition to inspiration from my current surroundings in the Midwest, I bring in memories of past camping trips from different places throughout the U.S., as well as my longing for the landscapes of the Northeast, my home.

Four small works framedFour small works, framed

These works are all currently available for sale here.

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