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On Quitting My Day Job

Blank BookFor the past 2 and a half years I’ve been fortunate to have a great part-time job that has given me a stable income and the time to grow my bookbinding business and my art organization business. I’ve decided it’s now time to make the leap, and about a week ago I gave one month’s notice at my day job. As of November 25, I will officially be fully self-employed! I have so many ideas for new bookbinding products and projects that I haven’t had the time to make reality, so I can’t wait to finally have some time to spend on growing my business. Instead of always reacting – responding to customer emails, renewing listings in my Etsy shop before they expire, working on custom orders – it will be nice to have time to work on building a sustainable future for my business.

Making the Decision

Why now? How did I decide this was the right time? In the name of transparency, here’s how it went down:

  1. I actually thought I was going to quit about a year ago. I really wanted to, but I think something just didn’t feel right, both about going off on my own at that time and leaving my job before I had finished some major projects. So I stayed.
  2. I’ve been saving money for 5 years. As much as possible. The plan has always been to reach a point where I could quit my day job and focus on my own work. I’m pretty frugal so this has not been difficult, it just took time.
  3. It was a Thursday that I looked at my bank account and realized, “Hey! I’m all set here! I guess it’s time to quit.” (I tend to be matter-of-fact like that)
  4. That night, I discussed the matter with my fiance. With his encouragement, I decided it actually, for real was time to quit.
  5. The next day I gave my notice.

It’s true that hard work pays off. Patience also pays off. I remember feeling so depressed after the first six months or so that I tried to sell my books on Etsy and only had a handful of sales (and also realized I was way underpricing my work, and would have made more money flipping burgers. But that’s a story for another time). What if I had given up after those first measly months? It’s been a slow and steady growth since I started trying to sell my handbound journals two and a half years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Of Note: If anyone reading this is looking to quit their day job and start their own creative business, the number one resource I would recommend is BlogcastFM. I’ve gained so much knowledge and inspiration through this podcast.

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