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Observational Drawing Challenge: Drawings 1-10

For the past few years I have not really done much observational drawing. I want to stay fluent in drawing, and of course there is always room for improvement. I think observational drawing is an important skill, even though I work abstractly most of the time. There is always something to learn about the play of light and shadow, the creation of form, composing an image, and dedication to completion, that drawing from life teaches.

So! I have decided to challenge myself to make two observational drawings each week for the next year, creating 100 drawings total. I am using a variety of media for these drawings, from graphite to charcoal to soft pastel, and I may eventually start making paintings as well. The important thing is that they are all drawn from observation and that they are all completed works, rather than sketches or studies. For me that means that I consider composition on the page, and that the drawings are rendered to a level that I consider “finished”.

My first ten drawings are below.

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