Searching, collecting (2021-ongoing)

Spending time in nature has always had a major influence on my artistic practice. I collect things both tangible and intangible that I find outside, all of which inform my work in some way.

My current ongoing body of work, a series of graphite self-point-of-view drawings with collaged elements, reflects a shift in my work that came from becoming a mother at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. My world suddenly became completely insular. Taking care of a baby-turned-toddler while remaining isolated forced me to look down at the ground below me rather than out into the world beyond me. This series of self-portraits is my attempt to portray my personal experience of looking, and capture an essence of my experience of life.

The painted and collaged elements I’ve created and adhered to the drawings can be thought of not only as stand-ins for real natural objects such as mushrooms, rocks, or leaves, but also as representing the process of dealing with difficult emotions such as grief and loneliness. The “rocks” are like anchors, pulling the viewer’s attention into each little world, just as the focus on the close-up world at my feet helps me to feel moored.

More to come…