My body remembers yours


My body remembers yours
Artist’s book
2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″ x 3/8″
edition of 23

The images in this book, of myself and my baby, were taken when my baby was nearly three months old and I was nearly three months postpartum, marking the end of what is sometimes referred to as the “fourth trimester” – a time when the baby is still like a fetus in so many ways. As we were moving through this three-month period, I noticed that while my body was gradually shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy shape and taking up less and less space, my baby’s body was unfurling – expanding into space. This work documents the period of time when our bodies still so sharply “remembered” each other’s shape. The shape of my body three months after giving birth still carried remnants of the time when she was inside my belly. And her body still conformed to the shape it had when she was inside me.

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